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Which Premium Idea List would you like to see on NotePD?

    1. Code an android app

    I'd love to be able to code my own apps. I'd like to be able to combine all my work into an app. I'd love to be able to make simple games.

    2. Stand Up

    I'd love to have tips on how to improve my jokes and have some pointers for when performing live.

    3. Travel

    I love traveling. A list full of money saving tips/how to get the most out of your holiday would be great.

    4. Marketing

    I'm good at creating, not so great at marketing. If I could learn how to market and sell better I'd be unstoppable.

    5. Regrets

    A list of old peoples regrets. This will help us guide our lives and focus on what's really important.

    6. How to make £1 Today

    A list of really simple ways to make a little money. Starting the hardest part. Starting of really simply could lead to a snowball effect where you learn to make millions.

    7. How To Play The Ukulele

    I've been teaching myself the uke for a few years now. I still have trouble strumming anything but a ska beat. Songs don't sound how they should when I play them. I'd love some tips on how to improve.

    8. web 3.0

    I've heard talks about it. How it uses crypto to work, but I'm still at a loss. A simple list explaining it, why it's better than web 2 and what crypto(s) are likely to be the framework would be great. If I'm going to invest it makes sense to do it on the building blocks of the next stage of the web.

    9. Books - What you'll learn

    I love reading, but I often find highly rated books to not be my thing. A list of books with brief descriptions of what I can expect to get out of them would be great in helping me choose what to buy next.

    10. Get a better job

    Tips on how to improve your skills, get a promotion, negotiate higher salaries and finding the best new job.

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