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Which Premium Idea List would you like to see on NotePD?

Maybe some of these are idea lists and maybe some of these are mini- or micro- courses, I don't know. What I do know is that we want to enrich the NotePD community by providing resources of our time and talent.

I have 8 for now (Sun pm), I will add more to the list when I get a chance tomorrow (Mon).

    1. Consulting and tech support for smartphones

    I find myself serving as tech support for my office staff, so I assume that not everyone knows what they need to know about 4G, 5G, Hot Spots, Wifi, Range Extenders, tethering and sidecar loading, for example. Not everyone has to be an expert, but it is nice to have a resource to rely on when needed.

    2. John Allen Paulos' A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper

    In 1995, Paulos, a professor of Mathematics at Temple University, published a book showing how basic statistics and numeracy in the press was often wrong. While not exactly fact checking, here we want to provide a resource to the community to help answer questions NotePD members may have about numbers and statistics in news articles. Is what I am reading correct?

    3. Quantum Computing

    The next frontier of computing is at the atomic level, and although any practical device is many years away, the curious among us may be interested in learning how radically different quantum computation is performed.

    4. Blockchains and NFTs

    Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are everywhere, and just about anything is being sold as an NFT. A list explaining this type of security would be valuable to have available to the community so that NotePD members know what they are getting in to.

    I saw someone recently trying to sell custom covered public domain ebooks as NFTs. More hype than value.

    5. "The Ten"

    The Washington Post has a newsletter called "The 7" with the top 7 stories of the day. CNN has a similar newsletter with the top 5 stories of the day. I would really enjoy reading a list that scrapes NotePD for some really noteworthy lists or list entries that are unique in some way and would enrich our lives.

    6. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) / Communities

    I don't know if this would work or not, but maybe there is a way of bringing together NotePD members with common interests to share ideas, for example, woodworking, gardening or even a fantasy football league. is a social media platform for book clubs where some are free and some have fees. Book clubs are always an interesting idea.

    7. "The Cookbook"

    What if we had one large cookbook that was somehow searchable, so members could find recipes of interest or recipes that included ingredients that happened to be in the fridge? You could go wild with this; appetizers, main courses, desserts, drinks, French, Italian,,,,,

    8. Health & Fitness

    I have used as a health and fitness resource during COVID and recovery from my surgery in 2020. Surely there must be many NotePD member who can contribute similarly - their diets and exercise regimens to those interested and/or looking for some guidance or help.

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