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Who are considered the 10 worst U.S. presidents?

    1. James Buchanan

    The one right before Lincoln. He was in office for less than three years but the country fell apart during that time.

    2. Andrew Johnson

    Succeeded Lincoln, was a racist, and was impeached but survived because the Democrats supported him.

    3. Franklin Pierce

    He was a drunk and gave out land grants to his friends so they could start banks that went bust.

    4. Warren G. Harding

    He had an affair with his best friend's wife, he was in bed with gangsters, and he appointed totally unqualified people to important government positions so he could give them bribes.

    5. Andrew Jackson

    A genocidal maniac who owned slaves (though he did free them at the end of his life) and started the "Trail of Tears" which killed thousands of Native Americans. Also an economic illiterate who caused a depression during his term by trying to keep the value of silver equal to gold when they should have been allowed to fluctuate on their own merits. + Andrew Johnson (see above) + Franklin Pierce (see above) = The worst four presidents ever.

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