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Who Are the Most Influential People In History

This is like my dinner party question. I ask on dates but mine is more of a who do you wanna hang with. This is how I will answer

    1. Katharine Hepburn

    She was fierce and bold and dgaf in a time when many people were the opposite. She is the best example I've seen of someone both feminine and masculine.

    2. Albert Einstein

    He was BRILLANT but didn't take himself too seriously. He was creative at solving problems and didn't rely on outdated thinking.

    3. James Altucher

    The first person in my life that told me it's ok to be me. I wish I had met him sooner

    4. Princess Louise of Argyll

    The first princess in my opinion to say FU to doing things just because that's how your suppose to do them.

    5. Walt Disney

    He turned a crazy idea into reality. I love crazy ideas!

    6. Zelda Firzgerald

    She had spunk and did what she wanted.

    7. Leo Davinci

    Another crazy guy who just did stuff.

    8. Betty White

    She never jumped up and down saying "I created tv" but she did!! She created it.

    9. Duncan Hines

    His story is so simple yet so interesting. Just one small idea could change my world.

    10. Francois Gilot

    How do you end up with 2 Geniuses in one lifetime???
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