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Who are your favorite musicians/composers?

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    1. Unusual and variable time signatures

    I love music with odd time signatures. Some of my favorite composers tend to write beyond the standard 4/4.

    2. Silence / Music of the Spheres

    My favorite composer is the universe itself. The way the planets hum in harmony with one another is just beautiful to me.

    3. A Melody a Day

    I love finding new music to listen to, and my favorite musicians are always changing. One day it might be Beethoven, and the next it could be modern pop stars.

    4. Can't Get Enough Bass / Rhythm

    I love music that makes my heart race and gets me moving. For me, there's nothing better than a good bassline. Or a great drummer.

    5. My favorite musicians are the ones who have been able to change my life with their music.

    My favorite composer is Bach because of his unique and beautiful melodies.
    I also love Beethoven's music because it is so powerful and emotional.
    Mozart is my favorite composer because his music is so joyful and lively.

    6. Music for Relaxation and Mindfulness

    For relaxation and mindfulness try composers like Ravel and Debussy, or ambient music like Brian Eno, or electronic music like Tangerine Dream.

    7. Great 20th Century Composers

    Sibelius, Stravinsky, Bartok and so on.

    8. Sounds of nature

    Listening to the sound of ocean, forest, stream, waterfall, birds, wind etc.

    9. Decades

    Pop, Jazz and Rock of the 60s.
    Prog / Punk Rock and Electronic/Ambient music of the 70s.
    Pop Hits and Hip Hop /Rap of the 80s.

    10. Talk instead of music

    Listen to podcasts or audio books.

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