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Who are your favorite musicians/composers?

No particular order first ten that come to mind.

    1. Paul Simon

    Graceland may be my favorite album of all time. I love the way paul has explored sounds throughout his career. He's constantly trying new things and that keeps him interesting and relevant for over 50 years.

    2. Big K.R.I.T.

    As far as hip hop goes this is one of the most talented and creative dudes in the game. He writes all his own lyrics, creates all his beats and self produces all his albums. Most can't do one thing well enough to succeed in music, he can do all three at a top tier level.

    3. Jimi Hendrix

    I love an electric guitar and for my money no one did it better. He also was constantly experimenting with new gadgets and sounds not only with the guitar (wah wah and fuxx pedal box) but also in the studio with all instruments. I forget the song but legend has it he was searching for a unique sound on a song ant he ended up creating it by recording a him scratching a comb across taut saran wrap.

    4. Gil Scott Heron

    I say this with all respect, the most accomplished crack addict ever? He wrote like 5 novels, has over 20 albums, arguably the godfather of hip hop and just an extremely talented writer of lyrics and poems. The revolution will not be televised, that was Gil Scott Heron.

    5. Ben Bram/Pentatonix

    Idk who to single out but Kevin Olusula, Scott Hoying and Ben Bram as far as I know (and for a while Avi Kaplan) are mega wizards of acapella arranging making club hits and top 40 pop without any instruments and making it sound better than the originals! Just great stuff and if im ignorant and Kirstie Maldonado and Mitch Grassi need more than epic vocal credit apaologies! Together they make some of the best harmonies these ears have heard.

    6. Quincy Jones

    Man has had his fingers on everything for 50 years. Where would music be today without his influence?

    7. Brian Wilson

    Pet Sounds alone. It's too bad about his stage fright i would have loved to see beach boys live.

    8. Beatles

    Mainly Paul and John but George as well and ringo on the backbeat. Thank you for pop music as we know it.

    9. Dan Auberach

    Black Keys and then studio producer for countless others over the past 10-15 years. Really has a way of tapping artists into their "sound"

    10. Kxng Crooked/Crooked I

    Aside from being the most talented undreground lyricist in hip hop (lust ask Eminem) he's ghost wrote 6 songs off the chronic, used to ghost write for lisa left eye lopez. His ghostwriting catalog is the stuff of legends and the man can pen a song.

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