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Who created the world? (2 min 47 sec)


    1. The world, as we perceive it through our physical senses, is a product of the ego's thought system and is not created by God.

    2. Nonduality challenges the conventional idea of God as a creator of the physical universe.

    Nonduality is a way of living life, whereby, in each moment, you feel your interconnectedness with everyone and everything around you. It's a way of being in the world.
    God is the ultimate reality and is the only true existence, and "individual souls" are identical to God.
    Non-duality is the recognition that underlying the diversity of experience there is a single, infinite and indivisible reality, whose nature is pure consciousness, from which all selves derive their "independent existence."

    3. The ego is a false self-concept rooted in fear and separation from God.

    It is responsible for the perception of a fragmented and material world. This world of separation, conflict, and suffering is part of the dream.

    4. God, as an all-encompassing and unchanging reality, did not create this illusory world.

    5. The ego's thought system is responsible for the perception of separation and the world as we know it.

    The ego is a false self-identity that believes in the idea of separation from others and God. It is a thought system that operates on fear, lack, and the desire for individuality.

    6. Our ultimate purpose is to undo the ego's thought system, recognize our true nature, and return to a state of oneness with God.

    Returning to a state of oneness with God is reconnecting with our deep, inner connection to the Divine. It's realizing that we're not separate from God, but actually a part of a greater spiritual whole. To do this, we need to let go of our ego's beliefs that create division and embrace love and forgiveness instead. It's about aligning our thoughts and actions with unity, harmony, and divine guidance. When we go on this journey, we awaken to our true divine nature and experience a profound sense of unity, peace, and spiritual wholeness. We're coming home to our deepest spiritual self.

    7. The news that shocked the world.

    God did not create the world as we perceive it; rather, the world is a construct of the ego, and our spiritual journey involves transcending this egoic perception to experience the truth of what we really are.
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