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Who deserves to be paid more?

    1. Teachers

    Teachers in America are quitting left and right. In my opinion, they are not given enough support, respect, or money. Wonder if we will have to move to a model of online courses with TA's as the shortage becomes worse? Even at the good schools the parents are insane and drive teachers away.

    2. Healthcare Workers

    It always upset me that no one blamed hospitals during the pandemic for not being able to handle a crisis. Why are we having to shut down businesses for the lack of preparation that hospitals made? They all decided to not have open beds for years due to 'efficiency.' Why is healthcare a profit center? Similar to teachers, healthcare workers are quitting in droves. It sucks. They are often underpaid, even doctors. And overworked. And underappreciated.

    3. Basically everyone in the middle class

    Thanks to inflation, the middle class in America has been taken advantage of over the last 30-40 years. Average wages have not increased. The cost of basically everything except for electronics has skyrocketed during the same period of time.

    4. NFL athletes

    This is the one sport where the athletes aren't really killing it. They also risk severe injury, especially to their brain. No guaranteed contracts, while the league makes more than any other sport in America.

    5. MMA fighters

    Similar to NFL, they are mostly being taken advantage of. The most significant fighting organization in the US, the UFC, only shares 20% of its revenues, while most sports organizations have to share 50%.

    6. Local and State Government Officials

    A well-known governor I know of barely makes more than 100k—no wonder these people are corrupt and have to bend the knee to corporations and big donors. At least local and state officials are actually working, unlike federal politicians who seem to show up for votes and talk to their constituents now and then.

    7. Veterans

    We already spend a ton on the military, I wish we could do more for our veterans once they return. Many are really struggling with PTSD or other health issues. Many struggle to go back to work and thrive as civilians.

    8. Journalists

    Wish there was some way we could compensate legitimate journalists to actually report on long-form, real stories and not sensational puff pieces.

    9. Police/Firefighters/EMTs

    Protecting their communities.

    10. Social Workers

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