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Who's Running the Show? You or Your Ego? (2 min 37 sec)


    1. Tame your ego and be happy.

    Question your thoughts. The ego thrives on unexamined beliefs and judgments. Start noticing your mental chatter and ask "Is this really true?" You'll be surprised how often the answer is no.
    Practice true forgiveness. Not the wimpy "I'll overlook your flaws" kind, but the radical ACIM version where you recognize that nothing real has been threatened. Your brother's "sins" are just mistaken ideas born of fear.
    Meditate daily. Even 5 minutes of silent communion with your higher self work wonders. Let go of the incessant mental noise and tune into the still, small voice of wisdom within.
    Hand your day over to the Holy Spirit each morning. Ask for guidance and be willing to follow it, even when your ego protests. Trust that you'll be led to exactly what you need.
    Catch yourself playing the blame game. Whenever you're tempted to point fingers, remember: there are no victims and no victimizers in reality. We're all just confused children of God who forgot to laugh at the cosmic joke of separation.
    Choose peace instead of conflict. The ego loves drama and grievances. Refuse to engage. Ask yourself "Would I rather be right or happy?" and choose happiness.
    Practice presence. The ego lives in the past and future. Bring your attention fully into the now moment. Feel your breath, notice your surroundings. The present is where miracles happen.
    Let go of specialness. The ego craves to be unique and better than others. Recognize your inherent worth as a child of God, which you share equally with everyone.
    Embrace uncertainty. The ego wants control and certainty. Be willing to admit "I don't know" and open yourself to new possibilities. Life gets a lot more interesting that way.
    Laugh at yourself. Don't take your ego's antics so seriously. A good chuckle at your own ridiculousness deflates the ego faster than years of solemn study.
    And remember, Mighty Companions, silencing the ego isn't about fighting or suppressing it. It's about gently and persistently choosing a different voice - the voice of love and sanity. Be patient with yourself. Rome wasn't undone in a day!
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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