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Why Are You A Creator?

I subscribed to yet another newsletter that I probably won't read regularly, but I did read the first one and it challenged me with this question.

    1. Over-active Imagination

    I've always had an over-active imagination, so it seems wasteful to not try and put it to use.

    2. Abundance of Ideas

    Even before I joined NotePD, I would have random ideas pop into my head that never had anywhere to go.

    3. A Passion For Communication

    I was a fairly early adopter of the Internet. One of the things I love about my chosen field of wireless communications is how it creates ubiquity of information and enables freedom and mobility while staying informed. I was an early adopter of social media too. I like how interconnectedness allows information and ideas to be everywhere and available.

    4. A Late Appreciation For Art

    While studying engineering, I had a friend who edited an annual arts journal and encouraged me to make a submission. I wrote a little short story and it was accepted. I realized then that everyone should try and have some creative pursuit, even if their career field was the antithesis of that.

    5. Legacy

    A creation can outlive a human body.

    6. The Lure of Fame

    While I can't say I've ever pursued fame, we live in a world where influence is power, and I'm not immune to thinking extra influence can have benefits to one's lifestyle.

    7. The Lure of Money

    Money is closely related to fame and influence.

    8. Positive Feedback

    They've studied dopamine boosts that occur when a social media post gets a 'like'. Larger forms of praise for works that have been crafted make you feel even better.

    9. Community

    The 00's and early 10's were the heyday of blogging. I was part of a blogger network called Fitfluential. The mutual support was a great motivator and we even had some in-person get-togethers. When creators co-mingle, they inspire one another.

    10. North American Culture Worships Entrepreneurship and DIY

    Social media is full of solopreneurs and people telling you to get rich by going it alone. Even my university graduation ceremony had our fabled Economics professor command us all to be entrepreneurial - if not literally starting our own businesses and endeavours than to have an entrepreneurial spirit while working for a bigger employer.

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