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Why Death is a Good Thing

Death will come to all of us at some point. Few look forward to it. There are some good aspects to it, though.

Why Death is a Good Thing

    1. Death allows innovation.

    Steve Jobs' Stanford speech had a certain morbid charm. Or it is quite simply in the nature of things that the new displaces the old in order to make life possible. Both belong to the same process.

    2. Death makes life manageable and gives it structure.

    If your time is limited, you might as well do your best.

    3. If there is rebirth or an afterlife, we must pass through this gate.

    No death, no heaven, no nirvana. Maybe this reality is virtual like Minecraft (or whatever you like to play most).

    4. After death, no more effort is needed.

    You can lie down and let things take their course.

    5. After death, nothing bad can happen to us.

    No more torture, being rejected, Alzheimer's disease etc.

    6. Death is an intense experience.

    At least that's what people with near-death experiences claim.

    7. Everything loses its charm with endless repetition.

    If we could tell ourselves when we've had enough, how long would we last?

    8. All significant experiences of happiness and meaning are possible within a short period of time.

    Love and be loved ONCE, write a great book, be a noble example.

    9. The further development of this world and the universe makes it necessary to leave certain levels of existence (us!) behind.

    Who knows what great developments in life are still possible.

    10. Our enemies die too.

    The time of all obnoxious and stupid people is also limited. Many of them kick the bucket while we are still alive.

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