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Collin Harness


Why do companies exist?

    1. To provide products/services to customers

    Flights from one city to another. Computers for consumers and businesses. Drugs to help heal the sick 

    2. Provide jobs for workers

    Companies provide workers with jobs on a massive scale. 

    3. Generate profits

    For the owners and the employees 

    4. Pay taxes

    Companies generate profits and the government gets a small amount to invest in public services. 

    5. To expand revenue/profits/products

    Companies must always be growing or the owners and investors lose confidence in the business 

    6. To innovate

    Companies collectively organize resources to advance human society forward. Better healthcare, better housing, clothing, food, transportation, technology and on and on. 

    7. To provide healthcare and retirement for workers

    Like it or not in the US companies pay into social security and Medicare/Medicaid. 

    8. To please owners/shareholders

    If the owners are not happy then the business will be changed. 

    9. To reach more consumers

    A single person can only reach the people around them, but a business can organize on a global scale. 

    10. To support the government

    A government is just an idea. It needs a lot of physical resources to exist in a physical form. Businesses provide those resources. 

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