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Why do we have toxic people

Today one man at basketball court said to me "He is not even a German.". It was a reply to a polite ask but he found nothing to say except this nationalist bullshit. I was offended, that's true, but overall, I felt pity for him after. 

    1. Insecurity: Sometimes, people who feel insecure about themselves or their situation may act out in a negative way towards others. This can be a way to feel better about themselves or to deflect attention from their own problems.

    2. Power: Some individuals may act toxic towards strangers as a way to exert power and control over others. This can be a way to feel important or to boost their own ego.

    3. Fear: Fear can also cause people to act in toxic ways. For example, a person may act aggressively or defensively towards a stranger if they feel threatened or vulnerable.

    4. Trauma: People who have experienced trauma or abuse may also act toxic towards others as a way to cope with their own pain or as a means of self-protection.

    5. Ignorance: Some individuals may act toxic towards strangers simply because they don't understand or appreciate differences in culture, beliefs, or lifestyle.

    6. Entitlement: People who feel entitled to special treatment or attention may act toxic towards others who they perceive as not meeting their expectations.

    7. Jealousy: Feelings of jealousy or envy towards strangers can sometimes cause people to act in a toxic way, especially if they perceive the other person as having something they want.

    8. Anger: Strong feelings of anger or frustration can also lead to toxic behavior towards strangers. This can be a way to release pent-up emotions or to vent their frustrations.

    9. Bias or prejudice: People who hold biased or prejudiced views towards certain groups of people may act in a toxic way towards strangers who they perceive as belonging to those groups.

    10. Personality disorders: Certain personality disorders, such as narcissistic personality disorder or antisocial personality disorder, can also cause people to act in toxic ways towards others.

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