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Why Do We Shoot Down Helpful Advice? (2 min 30 sec)


    1. The simple reason why you go unconscious when receiving an answer is that it's not the answer you came up with by yourself.

    You've already formed a solution in your mind, and when you hear something contrary to it, staying conscious becomes challenging. Additionally, you resist hearing answers because you derive some benefit from your current situation that you're not ready to give up.

    2. Even when you express a genuine desire for help, you tune out when confronted with the idea of giving up the perceived benefits of your current situation.

    This paradox is evident in relationships where people endure turmoil but resist solutions. Relationships aren't inherently complicated; they become so when two people who don't really want to be together engage in behaviors they believe they should even though they do not want to.

    3. The root of cause of such behavior often lies in self-worth.

    If you don't believe you deserve love you unconsciously choose partners who reinforce your erroneous beliefs. Thus, you end up with unsuitable partners who exacerbate your suffering and you get to fulfill a subconscious need for validation through pain.

    4. In short, your unwillingness to accept solutions stems from a deeper psychological dynamic.

    You cling to discomfort as a means of validating your negative self-perception. Until you address these underlying issues of self-worth and deservingness, you'll continue to sabotage your joy and resist viable solutions.
    I am sorry. - Sometimes when I'm nervous, I tell the truth.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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