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Why Does a Flawed World Exist if God Is All-Powerful and All-Knowing? (1 min 55 sec)

    1. The world we perceive as flawed is an illusion—a product of our egoic minds and separative consciousness.

    God, is the ultimate reality, is pure, unchanging, and devoid of any flaws. It is our limited perception and attachment to the material world that give rise to the illusion of flaws and imperfections.
    The world we see is a projection of the ego, which perceives itself as separate from God and everything else. This separation from God is the root cause of suffering and the illusion of flaws in the world.
    The ego distorts our perception of reality, making us believe in duality, conflict, and imperfection. The flaws we observe in the world are, in fact, projections of our judgments.
    The path to awakening is recognizing the illusory nature of the world and transcending the ego. Through spiritual practice, we come to realize our oneness with God as we experience a profound shift in perception.
    The world with its flaws serves a purpose—it provides the necessary contrast and challenges for all of us to awaken to our true nature. The flaws are not the result of God's Creation but rather the consequence of our collective misperception.
    In truth, God did not create a flawed world but instead offers us the opportunity to awaken from the illusion of flaws by recognizing our inherent God nature. The journey toward realizing our oneness with God is the key to transcending this conundrum.
    What we think or believe about the nature of existence doesn't change what is fundamentally true.
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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