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Why Don't we Just Wear Pajamas All the Time?

If remote work has taught us nothing else, it is that we all love our PJs, or "comfy pants". So why don't more people just wear pajamas all the time. Maybe this list can give us some idea

    1. Style

    Loose, comfortable clothes do not look "stylish" on most people, whatever that means. And folks want their wardrobe to compliment them.

    2. Durability

    Pajamas are comfortable due mostly to the materials they are constructed from. These same materials would wear much faster if used as daily wear for the office, for recreational activity, etc.

    3. Not enough pockets

    4. Our society desires uniforms as identities.

    What we wear says something about us. What kind of job we have. Where we might work. Where we fall on the socioeconomic ladder. Our wardrobe also offers clues as to whether we are working or "on duty" or are we on our own time. Pajamas makes these divisions easier.

    5. Respect

    Right or wrong, there is a social code as to what form of attire is appropriate in certain settings.

    6. Sleepwear is a signal to our bodies

    Part of winding down from the day and getting your physical and mental self ready for sleep is the shedding of the dirt and weight of the day and the donning of PJs. If we wear pajamas all day, what would we change into? Different pajamas.

    7. Functionality

    We expect our clothes to do many things for us whenever we step outdoors. Our clothes keep us warm, cool, dry, shaded, and otherwise protect us from the natural world. That's asking a lot from your comfy pants.

    8. There is already enough Hello, Kitty in the world

    I don't think most of us want to be inundated with the fun, witty, and vibrant prints and patterns that dominate the world of pajamas. Goofy riding a bike has a place in my wardrobe. But not my office.

    9. Comfy Clothes Unite

    There are comfortable clothes options. Pajamas, sweats, tunics, kaftan, yoga pants, t-shirts come to mind. Now how do we make these items acceptable in all areas and levels of society?

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