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Why everyone should try team sports or group activities

Anything you have to team up with others.

    1. Learn how to lead

    From all levels. You could be the captain, or an informal leader. You gotta manage up, down, and sideways.

    2. Learn how to not always get your way

    Choose your battles wisely. You can't always push. You will fatigue the group. Pick your spots carefully.

    3. Learn soft-skills

    The power of persuasion is a great life-skill. Making people smile. Motivating others, etc.

    4. Learn how to be there for others

    Pick people up when they are down.

    5. Learn that it's not all about you

    "Main character syndrome" is not good for society.

    6. Learn how to deal with Peer Pressure

    Teammates/friends are often the hardest to say no to. Your true friends will be impressed when you have a well thought out reason to say no.

    7. See the big picture

    Team activites are like running an organization. It's a broader perspective. Macro vs. Micro.

    8. Team > Individual

    You can't outshine the team. Learn how to be selfless. You can be a star and the team struggles. Are you actually helping the group be better?

    9. Despite #8 there are still stars and role players

    Know your role. Play it to the best of your abilities.

    10. Chemistry matters, but you don't have to be best friends

    Successful teams know how to co-exist and work together. They may not hang out on the weekends together or always love being around one another. Have respect for each other.

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