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Why I deleted my website and what I'm doing instead

    1. Few hits

    I didn't do a lot to generate visits to my website. Over time, I pared back the content a lot. I didn't have a huge number of visitors and didn't promote it.

    2. Hacker

    Someone was trying to hack the site. I had several deterrents in place. Deleting the site to thwart them was a factor!

    3. WordPress

    It's great but I'm a bit bored with it now having built countless sites over the years both for me and others.

    4. GitHub and Netlify

    While I'm not a GitHub or Netlify expert, I love the geekiness of it. I have a few sites hosted on GitHub/Netlify.

    5. Tiny Web

    I love this term. I'm not even sure if it's a thing but a couple of people have mentioned it. To me, it means a simple, minimal site with few frills.

    6. Obsidian

    I started with a digital garden and this expanded over time as I got to grips with GitHub and Netlify. All of my previous web content now lives in Obsidian.

    7. Simplicity

    I like the clean lines of my digital garden template. I'd like to tweak it a bit more. Right now, I need to streamline my content to make more sense.

    8. Substack

    Although I've not written much for a while, I do like Substack and the direction it's heading. Chat, multiple podcasts, multiple newsletters.

    9. Being different

    I like to do things differently. Using a tool like Obsidian achieves that for me. Plus, I can easily edit and update my content from my phone. It's quick and easy.

    10. Digital gardening

    I think there is a whole new landscape out there around digital gardens. I think we're scratching the surface and there's more to come.

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