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Why I Invited Andrew Tate On My Podcast

    1. He's a good guy

    2. He has a great story

    From being homeless to winning the UFC belt in three different weight classes (he's now the interim middleweight champion)

    3. He's an interesting thinker

    We talked about how to deal with haters, what he thinks is the reason for his success (something I can relate to), and more

    4. He's got an interesting background in that he was a professional poker player as well as a professional MMA fighter

    So we talked about some of the similarities between those two fields and how they overlap with other fields

    5. I wanted to have someone on who is not "Theoretical" but rather someone who has been out there doing things and succeeding at them

    This show is not just for people interested in self-development but also for people interested in entrepreneurship, investing, sports, etc
    Andrew is all over the place so it was fun to talk to him about all of it

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