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Why I love America

A lot of my lists bash politics/people. This one will be more grateful

Why I love America

    1. Freedom of Speech

    You can badmouth the president. Or anyone you want. You can say any crazy belief or conspiracy theory you have and not get in trouble. The government might watch you, but you can say anything without getting thrown in jail.

    2. Live a nice life with limited effort

    If you get a college degree (with little to no debt) it's hard not to live a decent life. Meaning a decent place to live, a flat-screen TV with Netflix. An internet connection to all the information you would ever need. Cook good meals at my home that are healthy and fulfilling. Enough money for a gym membership and some hobbies. I can go to public parks and be protected by a police force and fire department. I can probably coast at a job until I retire. If it doesn't work out, I can probably find another one. I can't live wherever I want, but there are plenty of options to leave affordably and live the way I described above.

    3. Unlimited Upside

    I could be richer than Jeff Bezos. Or be the president. It's absolutely not likely, but it's possible. I could win the lottery. I could start the best charity ever. I could run for the school board of my town. I could create the greatest animal hospital in the world. I could invent a better gaming system than PlayStation.

    4. High Downside

    Compared to many parts of the world. There are social programs that can help me. The government won't leave me out in the cold if I need a little help. Life won't be perfect, but it's better than the downside in many parts of the world. Some of my friends/family might be able to help me live in their basement if needed. I could live in my car and shower at my gym. It's better than living in the Sahara desert. Or the Congo. Or in a war-torn area.

    5. Associate/Marry/Hangout with anyone

    I can marry someone of the same sex. Of a different race. I can be friends with basically anyone and no one really cares. They might judge you a bit, but you won't really be blocked from living the life you want.

    6. Change Where I live anytime

    Since the US is so big, I can move to many different places and experience many different things. There's not much holding someone down.

    7. Change what I do

    I can change careers, start a new business, whatever. There is very little regulation to change careers in America. You can basically be anything in a year or so, besides being a doctor or a lawyer. Even then, you could be one of those later in life, if you decided to. I knew a guy who was a surgeon until 50, then became an auto-mechanic for the rest of his life.

    8. Strong Currency

    Relative to the rest of the world. Yes, inflation is high here. It's nowhere near as bad as many parts of the world. Argentina, Turkey, and many parts of Africa would do anything to have their money in USD.

    9. Can get almost anything you want

    Certain types of food? A certain kind of car? A certain type of cell-phone? You can basically get whatever you want in America, without a lot of headaches.

    10. Relatively low taxes

    Again, compared to the rest of the world. And despite what I usually say, some of our taxes are used to build decent roads, and bridges, and strengthen our military.

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