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Why I Might Break My Idea List Streak

    1. Lack of time

    I'm currently squeezing in my lists a little here and a little there. Thank goodness for 'Save as Draft'

    2. Lack of Quality

    I haven't had a list I'm proud of in what feels like weeks.

    3. Quick and Dirty is the new norm

    I used to find my creativity and list-making to be cyclical; I would have some long form, well thought out lists on good days, and simpler ones on the days I couldn't get it together as well. Lately, it's been always the latter category

    4. Many ideas on a list are simply extensions of earlier ideas on the list

    See above #3 is simply a regurgitation of #2

    5. More complex ideas and thoughts require writing explanation

    See #1, when I"m pressed for time, I either don't write to clarify or expand my thinking or do so in a haphazard way that doesn't represent my best writing.

    6. More complex ideas require research (part 1)

    Which again, takes time I don't seem to find.

    7. More complex ideas require research (part 2)

    I started thinking through some world-building for a story I want to do, but the more I thought about it and did some superficial research, the stupider and more implausible the idea seemed, so I bailed on it and did a quick-and-dirty list instead (again).

    8. The AI's encouragement is actually counter-productive

    Having the AI complement every one of my posts creates "praise inflation" - the complements mean less because I get one on every post, even if they're poorly executed.

    9. Conflict over how many ideas to create

    3 is enough to qualify for a streak, but I know the benefits come in sometime after #6 or #7 and I'm enough of a completist that I want 10 every time. Usually, by around #9 I'm just straight-up frustrated.

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