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Why I think the USA is fantastic

I was born in England not far from London in the late 1950's and I have now lived and worked in the USA for longer than my country of birth. I did not become a naturalized citizen until 2000 as there was really no pressure to do so but, if you love a country then you really have to be all in. I have travelled around the world and visited many countries but the USA really does seem to have something for everyone.

    1. The People's generosity

    Americans are the most generous people in the world. It may be because there are a lot of them almost 6 times as many of them than where I grew up. However without American charity the world would be a much poorer place.

    2. The People's attitude

    Americans have this great 'can do' attitude. Everything is bigger here not just the Robin's and Mosquitoes. The English have a great attitude too but it is different and more reserved, and probably more hampered by regulation.

    3. The size of this market

    If you come from outside this country one of the first things that struck me was the size of this market, it is this huge opportunity to sell almost anything. My first business was selling my wife's alphabet border for babies and we found that in the USA there were over 3 million births a year vs at the time the UK only had a bit over 300 thousand (now apparently over 600 thousand) but we could reach over 1 million new mothers in the USA in one magazine advert.

    4. The housing

    Everything seems new in America and the average home is bigger and more rural with wood construction, something that was banned in London after the great fire. Contemporary homes are my favorite and they are pretty rare in England. Most homes in the USA are built with HVAC and showers that work vs in England I was forever adding central heating and we had no need of A/C back then.

    5. The infrastructure

    Whether it is the highway system or fiber internet, cell systems and so on we are all connected. We are shocked by supply chain disruptions or items and choices missing from our supermarkets. We take it for granted that there is always a selection and a choice for everything we buy. I am sure it has changed but when I grew up in England there was one choice of salad dressing called salad cream.

    6. The mix of people and cultures

    They used to call America the melting pot of cultures and ethnicities and we all got along. We all brought something to the table from our respective cultures and made things better for all. On a fundamental level we are still one nation even though the current media seems determined to undermine our love for our country and each other.

    7. Less regulation.

    In New Hampshire our state motto is "Live Free or Die". You can ride a motorcycle without a crash helmet, you can start an LLC for $100. There is no income tax or sales tax and there are just enough rules and regulations to allow you to own and protect your property.

    8. More Freedom

    The USA has a constitution that was well thought out by some very smart people who traced back to Europe and wanted something better. Frequently challenged and often ignored the constitution is still there to allow all of us some very basic freedoms that just do not exist in so many other parts of the world.

    9. Great Education

    With the internet I think great education is now available worldwide. However the USA and other countries have always made it easy for their population to be educated for a long time before the internet was available.

    10. Opportunity for Happiness

    This is the land of opportunity. In America we solve people's problems and can be rewarded for making peoples lives better and happier. I think the whole world is blessed with abundance, but we do seem to be particularly blessed in the USA with two coasts and an abundance of skills and resources.

    11. The weather!

    Although I saw that recently the UK had a heat wave up to 104F. When I grew up there you knew you had to go abroad if you wanted warm water and a beach vacation. It also did not make any sense to have a swimming pool in the UK vs in the USA.

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