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Bill Bergeman


Why I'm Grateful to Be an American

Thanks @easymoneyme for a great idea for a list today. Happy Independence Day everyone! Sorry you lost all those colonies @nicolafisher! ;-)

    1. Freedom of speech.

    2. Unmatched economic opportunities.

    3. American people are hugely charitable.

    4. We have the greatest military in the world.

    5. At times America has made enormous mistakes treating people at home and abroad poorly, but over time the country always makes progress and does better.

    6. The National Football League!

    7. We have a stunningly beautiful, diverse geography, from the Great Lakes to our National Parks to the Rocky and Appalachian Mountains.

    8. The incredible laboratory of ideas that is created by having 50 different states with 50 different sets of laws and policies.

    9. While it is still too difficult for some marginalized groups of people, America has the greatest opportunities to rise from poverty to wealth.

    10. We have a remarkable amount of abundance, not just with financial resources, but also with food production, clean water, innovation, clean and safe shelter for everyone who wants it, and more.

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