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Why I'm writing on Medium again

    1. I hadn't written for a while.

    Work had been too busy. But I reached a point where I just needed to make it work somehow. Then I came across 66write on Twitter. I was a day late but it was as good a time as any to get started. Inspired by maintaining my streak on NotePD, I decided to join in.

    2. I've so far written for 14 days!

    Today is Day 15. It's whizzed by. I've had days when I didn't think I would be able to write anything. I've had many late nights as I've sat, writing, until it was done.

    3. Each day I post an article to Medium.

    I write at least 3 tweets. I share a photo of my work. And I read 10 pages of non-fiction. The benefit of all this is the public accountability. I've found a few others who are doing the same thing and there are the beginnings of a community.

    4. I'm using Tana to help me.

    I've set up a database to manage my content. I'm creating a nice streak in a Calendar view. I'm on the verge of getting a little ahead and having some articles in the bank. I'm logging any ideas in Tana as they pop in my head and I think this is helping me. Even when I'm at work, I can quickly jot down an idea so it's not lost. I add a tag and it goes into my workflow.

    5. I think I've had a mindset shift.

    I really wanted to write again. But how, when work is so busy? Well, maybe I just have to do it. I needed to allow myself to do it too. The ideas are flowing again and I have a funnel for them all to go in.

    6. I have a game plan.

    I've dodged around the edges of growing my writing for a long long time. Oh, I'm too busy at work. We're travelling a lot. By giving myself a proper capture mechanism, I've made the process easier.

    7. I've been earning money on Medium since February 202

    Not a lot, but enough to cover my monthly member fee and buy a few coffees. Miraculously, I've earned money even when I've written nothing new. Thinking about this properly was part of the reason I dropped Substack (even though I think it's great and will at some point go back) to focus on Medium. (I'm not sure if Twitter is blocking Substack links as well at the moment so another reason to be on Medium right now).

    8. Medium is good for tech writing.

    I've written about Obsidian, Twos and now Tana. It seems to lend itself to these topics and to talk of productivity. There's a nice overlap of people I know online across these platforms, Twitter, Mastodon, Bluesky and Discord.

    9. I've had some nice wins in a short space of time.

    Retweets, reposts, shares. Plus, today, Tana Weekly mentioned a recent Medium post comparing Tana and Obsidian. I'm also posting to a publication called Obsidian Observer.

    10. I feel inspired.

    I'm loving Tana and it seems to have got the cogs whirring and the sparks flying.

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