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Why job searching is BS

Why job searching  is BS

    1. Most applications get rejected which means most job applicants wasted there time applying

    I have seen varying stats that show acceptance rates from 2% to 20%

    2. Searching for Unicorns: Job qualifications are unrealistic

    Most job descriptions shoot for the moon. There is a tradeoff between specialization and breadth of knowledge. But you wouldn't know that if you read the job descriptions.

    3. Jargon-laden job descriptions

    You need a new google translate engine to decipher the jargon and corporate talk to gain an inkling of the job role is.

    4. Poor job quality

    By the time it hits the job board, it had gone through a whole number of different hands: internal searching, networking, head hunters and HR.

    It's likely the job is not the greatest

    5. Jobs are posted for ceremony and are generally filled internally

    A commonly touted estimate is that 80% of jobs are not posted online.

    6. Phantom Job reposts

    • It's a revolving door. A person took the job and realized it was terrible and then left. Now it's been reposted.
    • The hiring manager wants to get an internal hire. He just ran out of time so he needs to repost it to get someone in that he wants

    7. Tedious Paperwork

    Filling out job descriptions in various formats on different corporate job sites. I wonder how many good candidates leave because they can't be bothered filling out those dreadful forms.

    8. Application Tracking System (ATS)

    An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software application that scans resumes for specific keywords such as skills, job titles and educational background. If your resume is not ATS friendly, your resume will be rejected.

    9. Competition is insane

    10. Most employers will ignore LinkedIn Easy Apply submissions

    11. Onboarding Process takes too long

    12. Job searching is demoralizing - it can take months to find a job

    Estimates are from 3-9 months to find a job

    13. Better to make direct connections over LinkedIn

    It's better to reach contacts directly over LinkedIn - send them ideas, code, articles, and anything they could benefit from (as mentioned in Choose Yourself).

    The other thing to do is write engaging content to demonstrate your know-how.

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