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Why TikTok? 12 Reasons Why I Like It and You Should Too!

I'm glad you asked.

    1. It levels the playing field - anyone can prosper regardless of their background, age, gender, race, creed, religious or political preferences. There's something for everybody.

    2. Eyeballs - once you have eyeballs you can monetize anything. Eyeballs + Hearts = Faces

    3. You have to put in the wood before you expect to get any fire through eductainment - education + entertainment. You'll fall flat on your face if all you want to do is take.

    4. Youth - TikTok is young. TikTok acquired Musical.ly Inc. on November 10, 2017, and merged it into TikTok on August 2, 2018. So it's not quite 4 years old plus they have the benefit of not making the same mistakes as Facebook.

    5. Watch Time - Off the charts - never seen before on any other social platform.

    6. Scale Fast - You can be homeless today and earning over 6 figures in the next 90 days just through posting organic videos on TT not to mention adding jet fuel with paid ads

    7. No attachment - Content heavy - don't get attached to any videos...they will mostly be irrelevant in a week or two. If the videos are good people will see them...if they aren't no one will see them.

    8. No special equipment needed. - A cell phone is all you need. Raw performs better than scripted.

    9. Simplicity - Simple to understand. Simple to use. KISS - Keep It Simple Simon

    10. One Thing To Do - TikTok videos take up the entire landscape. You can only watch, comment, like, share one video at a time. Focused attention. No other distractions like the other social media platforms.

    11. The Algorithm is top notch - They learn what you like really quickly. Do you love Philly cheesesteak sandwiches? The top video has 160k views

    12. Content heavy - right now it's a seller's market on TikTok. There's not enough content for all of the buyers.

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