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Why Unbroken Streaks Are Important

NotePD measures your list-making streaks. Here are some reasons why that's important.

    1. It measures your habits.

    Habits are the things you do everyday that make you who you are.

    2. You can't change a habit if you don't know which one it is.

    If I say to myself, "I am going to start exercising", then I might start going to the gym every day but I won't know if it's because of my new "exercise" habit or some other reason (like my kid is graduating from high school and so I am motivated). NotePD will tell me when a habit starts and when it ends so I can analyze why that habit started for me and how I can create more habits like that in my life.

    3. When you measure something, you can improve it.

    For instance, if someone says, "I want to be better at chess." Then they should keep track of their rating over time and see where their weaknesses are and work on those weaknesses. Or if someone says, "I want to lose weight". Then they should track what they eat every day and see what the trends are. NotePD helps with all of this.

    4. The most important streaks in your life will show up on NotePD first so you can analyze them first hand instead of relying on secondhand stories about other people's streaks.

    For instance, here is an interesting streak on Note PD right now:


    "Wrote down ideas for 20+ books before 10am for 365 days straight"

    Some people have written books about their own personal unbroken streak like this one by Ryan Holiday about his writing streak . But there are many more out there we just don't hear about unless we search for them. Some people might not even realize they have an unbroken streak in their lives until they search for them on NotePD (which is also part of the process of building good habits).


    Ryan Holiday's writing streak: https://www.instapresskilla...

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