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Why we are living in interesting times


[I gave AI James a try and only added some blank lines.]

    1. The world is getting smaller

    The world’s population has doubled since 1960. But the distance between any two humans has halved in that same period. This means that ideas, culture, innovations are spreading faster than ever before.

    2. The US and China are no longer at war economically

    The US was always worried about economic competition with China. Now we are working together on new technologies, sharing patents, spread our investments around the globe. This is a big change from the past when there were “no-go” zones for Americans (like Germany) or vice versa (like China).

    3. There is less war now than at any time in history

    There is always some war going on somewhere in the world but it’s usually tribal or religious wars that don’t involve large countries. It seems like every year there’s a story about how this year will be “the most dangerous year ever” because of some potential conflict. But each year gets safer and safer as we all get more intertwined economically and culturally and share more ideas and innovations.

    4. Artificial Intelligence is accelerating exponentially

    It took us 50 years to create AI that can beat human champions at chess (Deep Blue), Go (AlphaGo), Jeopardy (Watson), Poker (Hubert), etc. It took only 4 years for Deepmind to beat human champions at Go, a game considered by many to be even more difficult than Chess for AI to conquer because of the sheer number of moves possible in a game compared to just 32 on a chessboard.

    And now we have an AI called AlphaZero which used its first four hours of training to then go out and beat not just chess grandmasters but also conquer other games like Checkers, Go, etc., all without any human input after those first four hours of learning how to play those games from scratch using self-learning algorithms based on machine learning techniques developed by Google researchers over decades using similar algorithms applied to other fields like speech recognition and translation of languages.

    So I think it’s safe to say that AI will continue improving exponentially and nobody knows where it will lead us but it seems likely that it will lead us into interesting times ahead of us if we use these technologies wisely instead of letting them use us unwisely!

    5. We are finally figuring out how nutrition works!

    For decades people were told they should eat lowfat diets or lowcarb diets or whatever diet was popular at the moment so they could lose weight quickly before returning back to their old eating habits which would then result in gaining back all the weight lost plus more. Or else they would be told they should eat vegan diets or vegetarian diets or gluten free diets or paleo diets depending on what fad was popular this week but none of these would work either so everyone was frustrated by their inability to maintain weight loss when they wanted it most – when they were young enough so as not be burdened by extra pounds for too long before mortality catches up with you anyway!

    Well it turns out there IS a way you can lose weight easily AND keep it off forever if you follow three simple rules:

    • Eat real food (not processed food)
    • Eat until full (never skip meals)
    • Move your body every day

    A lot of people have figured this out already and feel great as a result, while others still struggle with their health despite spending billions on every diet book imaginable while also spending billions on various fad products sold via infomercials late at night while lying in bed watching TV while eating a bagel with butter slathered onto it!

    This doesn't mean I don't love bagels anymore! But I do love them less now because I am following these three rules above for healthy

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