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Why We Should Protect Human Made Art

First off, this is a fantastic challenge @yigitcakar. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Art is what separates us from the animals

    Think we're the only animal that expresses themselves through art?

    2. Art lives forever

    Great art, music, etc lives on for generations. I still watch old movies. Listen to music made 50+ years ago.

    3. Art inspires

    I personally get zero inspiration from a computer generated product. Sure, it's cool, but a human didn't create it. I'm in awe of Michaelangelo's work. Or the Beatles. Or Marvin Gaye. Or Rick Rubin, whatever. Politicians use great music at their events because it makes people feel a certain way. Companies use

    4. Because of 3, art can move humans forward

    I think art gives perspective and can inspire movements. People read certain books, find out about certain artists, and it changes everything about them.

    5. Despite all this, a human created the AI

    So it's still human made AI?

    6. Formulas are boring

    This is why everyone hates current politicians. They follow a formula and they don't deviate from "the rules." We have now grown to know this and we find it disingenuous.

    7. Current music sucks..

    Bc of #6. They know how long attention spans are. They know how to write hit songs. That's why no one is pushing boundaries.

    8. AI art will not push forward

    Bc of formulas, it won't push boundaries. It won't try new things. Computers don't "play around."

    9. Have you seen The Terminator movies?

    We gotta be careful with AI...

    10. No one looks up to a computer

    But, everyone looks up to a great artist.

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