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Why writing a daily note is such a great idea

    1. Daily Note

    When I started using Obsidian, I heard about a thing called the Daily Note. People used it in different ways. Some kept a simple log of what they did. Others had a template which populated a note every day and used Dataview to show different types of data. I started with the first option and then adopted more complex templates, using inspiration from Nicole van der Hoeven. This is where I'm at now. 

    2. Daily Log

    One of my favourite apps is Twos. I've been creating a daily log there for over a year. The benefit of this is that notes now resurface and remind me what I was doing 'on this day' last week/month/year. 

    3. Hybrid

    I've been having a Digital Garden refresh and using a Daily Note in Obsidian. It plans my writing. I also have Workplaces, linking to notes with Dataview that show me what's up next. I have a Kanban board planning my schedule. At the end of each day I copy over my log into Twos. 

    4. Remembering

    Last week I saw a hedgehog scurry to the side of a lane as I drove through the dark. I wrote it down in my daily log. A small, tiny moment. If I hadn't written it down I wouldn't remember it. The writing it down creates a photograph in my head. 

    5. Checklist

    The Checklist plugin creates a list organised by tags of your to dos. You can also add a date so that relevant to dos will appear on your daily note on a specific date. Checklist picks up any dates items and future lists them. Great function. 

    6. Ideas

    Sometimes daily notes are simply logs of things I've done. Sometimes I capture random ideas too. They are all part of a whole. Part of this thing that people call a Second Brain. 

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