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Will there be cities under the ocean in the future?

    1. Why would people live there?

    Oxygen is a gas. It's not hard to make oxygen if you have electricity. So, if you live under the ocean, you can have all the oxygen you want. Plus, it's easier to maintain the temperature of water than air.

    2. Will there be cities above the surface too?

    Perhaps. But this is a post about living under the ocean so I won't get into that.

    3. Who are the main competitors in this space?

    The two main companies working on this are Deep Ocean City and Blue Frontier.

    4. What are they doing?

    Deep Ocean City is building an underwater city off of Dubai right now using technology they developed with their first project, which was an underwater hotel off of Fiji called "Vijaya". Vijaya means "victory" in Hindi and that's what they were hoping for when they started it in 2007 but unfortunately it never took off and closed down in 2017. Here's a video showing what it looked like: Frontier is raising money to build underwater habitats off of Florida to house people who might be displaced by climate change or natural disasters (hurricanes). They want to start with 100 people at a time and then move up from there as they perfect their technology and business model (which will be very similar to how oil companies operate).Here's a video from them describing their plans:

    5. How does Deep Ocean City work?

    They use three basic technologies to build these habitats below sea level:1) They take old oil rigs and sink them below sea level so that they become stable platforms for building on top of them2) They use "3D printing" technology to print out steel structures for buildings on top of these platforms3) They use robots (similar to how mining companies work) to drill into the seabed and create tunnels below sea level where people can live using similar 3D printing technologies as above AND also creating an artificial ecosystem so that fish, etc can live down there with them (and thus food sources for humans).Here's a video describing how all this works:

    6. When will we see the first underwater cities open up? 2020 - 2030ish

    Deep Ocean City is hoping their first habitat will open in 2022 but Blue Frontier hopes theirs will open sooner than that because they don't need any sort of existing infrastructure like DEEP OCEAN CITY does since they are starting from scratch on new territory (rather than taking old oil rigs).
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