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Winter Changes

How life (at least mine) changes as winter approaches and lands in our area with a thud.

Winter Changes

    1. Soup Back On The Menu

    Returns as a regular meal option. Tomato basil as a favorite at home. Lobster or crab bisque where offered when dining out.

    2. Bundling Up

    Have a variety of jackets and coats to keep my old bones warm. Sweaters and sweatshirts for in the house

    3. Windows closed

    Most of the time. Maybe opened if a bit warm when the sun is on that side of the house. The kitten isn't happy when "his" window is closed and he can't watch the outside

    4. Thermostat Wars

    I pay the oil bill. I keep it at 68 when we're home, 62 during the day. The wife and kid would prefer the temperature somewhere around subtropical. But, I pay the oil bill...

    5. Wood Stove

    That sucker throws off a great deal of heat when it's tuned up right, it jacks the temperature on the thermostat (20 feet away) to almost 80, and when you go upstairs, you can feel the difference at about the 6th step.

    6. Humidifier

    Nobody else at home seems to be bothered by 5% humidity in the house (exaggerating, but not by much). We have floor humidifiers, which are only filled by the only one bothered by the sub-Sahara conditions... me.

    7. Dark Going In, Dark Coming Home

    I can handle the cold just fine. Not seeing the sun more than a few minutes a day, not so much so.

    8. Handling The White Stuff (no, not -that- white stuff... snow)

    Shovels and de-icer to the front steps. Boots inside the front door. Probably should put some Tylenol in the jacket pockets.

    9. Preparing the Puppy

    A couple sweaters. Maybe boots for walking on salted roads. And, making sure to video his first time being in snow. Should be a pisser.

    10. Checking Outside

    When snow's expected, add a look out the window during the overnight toilet visits.

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