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Winter Prep In Walker

I put the following list on our fire department Facebook page today as a bit of snow is forecast for later this week. It would be rare for snow to accumulate so early but it could of course. The driving, and even walking, becomes peculiarly treacherous here when snow accumulates. I grew up in Boston so I know snow but it is somehow different here, maybe something to do with the dryness the rest of the year.


    1. Snow chains

    Two wheel drive has no shot in the snow. Even 4WD fails regularly, chains are a must. We chain up the fire department fleet if a storm is forecast.

    2. Bucket of lava cinders

    The county leaves big piles for people to take from. These are for traction. I have to plow my road down to the pavement. After plowing, I put down buckets full in the tough spots. We keep a bucket in the department's ambulance even though it is chained up.

    3. Gloves

    The picture shows gloves for staying warm and also gloves for work. Easier to do digging or the like with work gloves but they won't keep you as warm.

    4. Crampons

    Good for having to do work around a car that is stuck.

    5. Snow shoes

    Good for walking any sort of distance before the road gets plowed.

    6. Small shovel

    Good for digging around tires and for spreading cinders.

    7. Tow strap (not pictured)

    In the right circumstance, this can be a huge time saver.

    8. Blankets

    Someone left this one in the comments and they are right.

    9. Water

    Also a good call from the comments.

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