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Winter Things I Am Grateful For

    1. Blankets and Coats

    I do not enjoy being cold.

    2. Skin moisturizer

    My skin hates cold weather and gets dried out quickly.

    3. Shelter

    It is cold, snowy and rainy. Luckily I have a roof over my head.

    4. TV

    It is amazing how many different programs there are to watch now and keep me busy.

    5. Doctors

    New year, new doctor checkup. I appreciate going to the doctor and having them tell me that I am healthy enough.

    6. My location

    I live in Texas, which does get cold, but not nearly as cold as Colorado or Minnesota.

    7. Restaurants

    I do not eat at restaurants very often, but it is fun to meet with friends there and catch up.

    8. Online Shopping

    Seems like I have been more off of Amazon lately and I like that online shopping allows a person to comparison shop.

    9. Gym

    I am not in great shape now, but getting back into it. I like having a place to go to keep me accountable.

    10. Movie Theater

    It is a nice place to take a break from life.

    11. Family

    I really do have a great family.

    12. External Hard Drive

    One of my external hard drives just died and thankfully I have a backup and it actually works.

    Very thankful for the drives.

    13. Digital Photo Albums

    I use the Mac Photos App and it is really large.

    It can be slow at times, but it does a good job of organizing my photos.

    14. Freedom

    America sits between 2 oceans and only has 2 countries bordering it.

    15. My dog

    He really is cute and keeps me grounded.

    16. Writing

    It is nice to have an outlet for thoughts.

    17. Energy

    Along with shelter it is nice to have light and heat.

    18. Creativity

    Being able to create something that was not there before is fun.

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