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Witcher: books vs show

I'm giving that Netflix show a 5th try. I still have complaints.

    1. Acting: everyone is cocky, arrogant, and weird. Geralt always says "Hmmmmm" as his main reply. Where did they take it? He doesn't act as a taciturn but rather as the one who smelled the fart.

    2. Timeline approach: looks like we are in some Christopher Nolan movie like "Tenet", but he is the only one who is allowed to do such a move. It melts my brain to follow the story even considering the fact I read the books.

    3. The way the characters look. No comments.

    4. Geralt mainly carries his sword (a single sword!! instead of two)

    In some kind of bag as it would be a riffle or golf clubs. Why are the swords not behind his back as it supposed to be? As it is the one of distinguishing parts of the witcher's look.

    5. Yennefer character is really overkill. They made her so desperate and so insecure.

    6. Visual effects are funny. Considering the budget the show has.

    7. Once again, Geralt is portrayed as some bragging regular badass and not as the humble person guided by their codex.

    8. When you read the books (and even play the game) you want to see those landscapes and visit those feasts, but in the show, they look so boring and depressing.

    9. They omitted a lot about the political situation in that universe, but they had a chance to show a similar drama as we had seen in "Game of Thrones".

    10. Dandelion/Jaskier. Nah, he is cool, a single more or less good-portrayed character.

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