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Wonderful Things This Week


    1. I remembered the scary parts of the Pandemic, but also the wonderful things

    The Arboretum had cars drive through for the Winter LIght Show, Online Play The Cherry Orchard with Barishnykov and Robots, an online radio style play of a Female Sherlock Holmes, Louis Armstrong museum had a number of online events, groups that I joined during that time, etc...

    2. I looked out of my window early in the week and saw a Red-headed woodpecker at the bird feeder. That is a large bird

    3. I saw a hawk swoop down and kill a bird

    It was kind of startling

    4. I found a new poet - Sam Hamill

    He translated Japanese texts. He has a very vivid way of writing. I love his stuff. I bought Destination Zero and read the first poem: A Lover's Quarrel. Just beauty.

    5. I started a Watercolor Workshop - in a book called Watercolor Workshop

    It was extremely relaxing and I will do it again this weekend

    6. I am near the end of my Turas Shawl - it may be a bit ugly, but it will be finished soon.

    7. I saw a family of very fat robins (probably because of my birdfeeder) hopping around on the snow

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