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Worth It/Not Worth It

Mixing together a couple of different list ideas from @chris407x about what to spend money on and what not to. Each of us could probably examine everything we spend money on in this way but it is human nature to spend at least a little bit on things that really aren't worth it.

    1. Accountant worth it

    Unless you file using an EZ form, the odds of getting something wrong or leaving money on the table are pretty high.

    Note, I am not an accountant I am a financial advisor and I pay for an accountant.

    2. Good Footwear worth it

    Not that you should have 20 pairs of shoes but that the ones you have are good quality. Treating your feet well is pretty important.

    3. Tools worth it

    I don't think you need top of the line, this is more about making sure you have what you need to do the job. Speaking not as a contractor, I think Rigid or Ryobi will work just as well for DIY work as DeWalt or Milwaukee.

    4. Food worth it

    Eating right is crucial to staying healthy for longer. I would find other things to cut back on before I cut back on food costs.

    5. Coffee worth it

    I fully concede this is a luxury item.

    6. Self Sufficiency worth it

    This has become increasingly important to me over the last few years. I am not worried about some sort of doomsday outcome but the onset of the pandemic showed us that serious inconvenience is never that far away. Being a little bit ahead on food, water and toilet paper makes things easier.

    7. Brand New Car not worth it

    Get a used Toyota, drive it for 20 years and save a fortune.

    8. Full Boat On A New Smart Phone Every Year not worth it

    Every couple of years the phone company will give you a phone for nothing out of pocket.

    9. Expensive Mutual Funds (usually) not worth it

    There are some very specialized strategies that are expensive in nominal terms but can be worth the expense. Actively managed, plain vanilla stock funds are not worth it though.

    10. Xitter not worth it

    Formally Twitter, I believe Xitter is pronounced like shitter. I will continue to use it while it is free and so long as they don't require uploading something to prove who I am but not going to pay for it.

    11. Expensive Clothing not worth it

    Need to pick and choose your spots here but are $100 jeans better than $30 jeans (or wherever the low end is these days)?

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