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Write and monetize a book this long weekend

Goal: Write a non fiction how to guide within 2 days with no more than 40 pages and create revenue of at least $1,000 within 30 days

    1. Pick a topic that I know is in demand

    2. Set a realistic price and volume of sales

    Working assumption $5.00 digital download x 200 copies

    3. Monitor response and adjust offer

    If I do not have 50 downloads within 7 days I will need a back end offer to cover the shortage that generates $20 x 50 sales or $250 x 4 within the remaining 21 days eg zoom coaching.

    4. Create a ranking by offering guide free to anyone for 7 days

    Unknown Author = no momentum so I must create a pull. Will 7 days be enough?

    5. Promote e-book to all my contacts.

    Bulk email the FREE offer in return for feedback and tweak the guide.

    6. Create a web based marketing funnel on day 3

    7. Set up website tracking and monitor source of leads

    8. Revisit marketing -can I get $500 free google ads or anything to test paid advertising Also check out running ads on Facebook

    How much am I willing to pay for promoting this e-book. If it shows any potential above breakeven

    (thanks Kris added in FB)

    9. Search for how to promote an e-book

    10. Tweak the landing page for better response.

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