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    1. Labels - Labels - Labels

    is it not easy to take on a label?

    You label yourself as intelligent, wealthy, fat, skinny, unattractive, loser, and generous.

    Have you ever uttered to yourself, "I Am Love?"

    I am love. I am lovable. I am loving. I am made by love and from love. Such phrases as these are foreign to the world.

    Notice the discrepancies between what you believe yourself to be and what I'm telling you that you are..

    2. The great masters looked like everybody else

    Jesus, Buddha, Mother Teresa, and Gandhi engaged in the same activities as you do. They had bodies and daily experiences just like you but there was something qualitatively different about them.

    It was easy to notice them because they stood out from the crowd.

    They understood that they were still as Love created them to be. They weren't just mere human beings frolicking around on the planet.

    They were not ego-driven. They were not trying to promote their own agendas. They were happy to completely follow guidance and did not view their choice as a sacrifice.

    These masters let love and light lead the way. What Would Love Do in this situation? This is what drives what they say and what they do.

    Their personal ambition has been set aside which is completely opposite to what you witness in the world today.

    What the world had to offer did not appeal to them anymore.

    Is love leading your decisions?

    3. L.O.V.E

    You have given love many names that it is not.

    You believe love has abandoned you. It has not.

    When you act from a loving state you begin to sow seeds of love.

    Love is the only seed worth planting. It's the only thing you want to harvest. Love possesses the highest frequency known to mankind.

    True love is everlasting and undying.

    True love wants to be shared.

    God is but love and so are you. This is true of every living thing.

    When you allow light and love to lead the way you'll always win. Practice. Practice.

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