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Yearly Review 2023

Overall a very good year. Almost all of these outcomes were due to ideas and practices that I had in a year of 10 ideas a day and recommendations from people on NotePD. What all the "gurus" say about reading, exercise, perseverance and sleep is all true. As long as I compare myself just to myself of last month instead of the fantasy outcomes available on the internet I feel good about my progress. I am consciously setting myself up for the second half of life: it is never too late to have a good start!


    1. Cultivated reading habit

    Superpower #1

    2. Cultivated NotePD habit

    Superpower #2

    3. cultivated daily exercise habit

    Superpower #3

    I miss a few days here and there but at least 1 mile of dog walking walking daily and throw in yoga, swimming, running or biking. I shoot for a minimum of half an hour a day and I am not killing myself. This makes a difference after being very out of shape for over 15 years. I am not stiff or sore and have plenty of energy to go through the day.

    4. Kept on a good sleep schedule

    Superpower #4

    5. Cultivated habit of "just doing the thing" without complaining

    Superpower #5

    From the most minor tasks like washing the dishes to getting larger projects accomplished this has helped with mindset and mental health. I have also accomplished a lot. I still need to work on the complaining part!

    6. Focusing on the process not the outcome

    Superpower #6

    Focused on the doing: the results happen automatically.

    7. Conditioned myself to breathe through my nose

    Training myself to do this has solved a number of problems that I was having with allergies and improved my sleep and energy levels.

    8. Had a few successful "12 week years"

    I found that these are difficult to do back to back: I will keep trying but I also need to take vacations at this scale and frequency

    9. published books

    I did not set out to do this at the beginning of the year but published some books and actually sold a few with no promotion yet.

    10. Committed to doing better at work and started keeping better notes

    The change in my attitude has helped me and also helped others.

    11. I figured out a solid morning routine, including making great coffee.

    12. Began working extensively with AI tools

    Mastering these tools and creating opportunities will be very important in the next decade.

    13. Improved at guitar, made dozens of recordings

    I am working toward creating an album, but unlike when I was 23 and wanted to be the next (whoever), this one will be for me, and I don't have any expectations for commercial success.

    14. I look forward to getting up every day and have plans for the future

    I couldn't ask for much more than this!

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