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Yearly Review

    1. January

    It stared of pretty good.  I had to work on New Year day, which I wasn't too happy about, but the store was closed and I didn't have much to do so it turned into being one of the best shifts I've ever had.  Really enjoyed it.  Sometimes what look's bad can really surprise you.

    It soon got bad when I found out my friend was on life support due to a suicide attempt.  That brought back memories of my other friend last year and what started out as a good year swiftly changed to one of the worst.

    I made a lot of money during the Christmas period.  Whilst at dinner my friends brought up how they where struggling, so I lent them money.  One friend returned the money, I'm still waiting for the other loan.  I've given up on expecting anything back at this point.  New rule - NEVER borrow or lend money.  You'll end up a slave or hating a close friend, it's never worth it.

    A tooth filling also fell out.  It took until May to get a temporary filling put in.  Noone should be having to wait that long.  It's not just dentist's the whole health sector needs fixing.

    2. February

    I went to Dundee for an interview for a masters course in teaching.  I also met up with an old friend and his girlfriend up there.  During the interview they wanted me to do a presentation on why 'inclusive learning ' is a good thing.  But after looking into it and finding that a key component to it was 'celebrating diversity ' I explained that it may not be all that great.  I decided that I'd actually teach something during my presentation.  I taught about the law of unexpected consequences.  Sure celebrating a diversity might sound great kids are happy and they feel accepted, but where does it lead?  If praise is the goal do they study for tests or do they come out as a diverse group?  One takes effort, the other doesn't, it's obvious where this ends, a stupid self centred generation. Right?  I guess we'll see in a few years time.

    It was my friends Birthday at the end of the month and not long after the party we travelled to Tenerife to celebrate.  I loved that trip.  I spent most of my time chilling by the pool.  Can't wait to do that again.

    3. March

    More of the holiday.  It was great.  Hanging out with friends, sun, pool, boat trip, great food, waterpark loved it.

    I also finished my 'The Rocco Effect ' animation.  It's by no means perfect, but as a pilot I'm really happy with it.  Hopefully I can find the time to work on another episode soon.

    4. April

    Katyoke.  A nightclub for the rockers/punks/Goths etc. had a kareoke night.  I loved it.  Weird hearing people sing the likes of slipknot on stage.

    I went to the Catty again with workmates at the end of this month.

    5. May

    My phone screen was wasted so I had to get a new phone.  I ended up spending most of my savings, which sucked but I guess that's why we save, for times like this.  I love my Google Pixel.  Great phone.

    It was also my birthday.  Went to bar with friends on Friday then I went to Catty with one friend on Saturday, it was boring so we left.

    I opened up my own Clothing Store this month. 

    I performed my first stand up gig.  I loved it.  After going to a group every week for the past few months I had built up a small set.  I really enjoyed it, hopefully I can perform again soon.

    My set -

    6. June

    Germany with my dad and brothers.  Loved it.  We where there for a wedding.  Really nice meeting my dads side of the family.  Loved the Ice cream there 😍

    My friend that came to Dundee with me had his graduation this month so I celebrated that with him.

    I also attended the first Scottish Stoic meet-up of the year.  

    7. July

    This was the month I almost got killed multiple times in one night, so that was fun. Hopefully the courts deal with this matter soon.  After that I wasn't doing too well.  Even now, as I write this, I don't think I've fully recovered,

    I posted a lot of advice videos and wrote a lot of blog posts as I really wanted to make my website work, but burnout+ trauma hit and I was done.  I took a month off work to recover, not a great time.

    8. August

    I helped a friend paint his house that was fun.  

    I updated my site with some new designs.

    I had next to no energy this month most of it was spent in bed.

    9. September

    Caravan with the boys.  This was great.  My energy was still low, but better than it had been.  We went to Blackpool.  Waterpark, theme park and the bars.  Really good times.

    There was also more Kattyoke.  Another great night.

    10. October

    Friend came down to visit so we all went out for that.  Good to see everyone again.  

    Back and forth from Edinburgh trying to sort out China stuff.

    Halloween party at friends house.  Didn't have the time to find a costume so I wore an old chef's outfit and drew on a moustache.  It kinda worked.

    11. November

    Nothing that exciting happened.  Worked away on China stuff.

    12. December

    It's only just started.  I wrote this amazing list.

    I plan on having an amazing Christmas and New year and finally getting my Chinese visa so I can fly off soon.

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