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Yearly Review

This year went quickly. As they do more and more as I get older.

Yearly Review

    1. Mom Passed Away

    After a fairly long on and off hospital stay, Mom passed last May.

    She had several issues, but in the hospital they discovered she had stage four stomach cancer.

    We visited her a couple times a week, and called daily.

    It was my responsibility to decide if she was to continue to be treated, or go into hospice. I decided on hospice, as she wasn't conscious and the doctors said there was little chance for improvement.

    I had a feeling she was going to pass and made an "extra" visit, leaving work early on a Wednesday to sit with her for a few hours. She passed early Thursday morning.

    Learned that UTIs can cause symptoms of dementia... not just from the doctors, but also because the wife was watching an episode of Grey's Anatomy, and they had a patient (performed by Juliet Mills) who had the same issue. The wife... "Ray! You gotta see this!"

    2. Dog Passed Away

    Our Derby also passed away in May, a couple weeks after Mom.

    She had, for the third time, a major growth in her leg which we had removed.

    She struggled to get around, but to the end was a happy pup.

    The only good side was that we all got home from work / sports as she was going, so she wasn't alone when she passed. Miss her every day.

    3. Son "Quit" Scouts

    One merit badge short of Life Scout. The wife expected him, from the day he started, to make Eagle. But, only one of his Cub Scout pack were still involved, and

    While I'd like to have had him make Eagle, it has to be his decision. And he's decided not to. Have to remind myself that it is his life, and he's old enough to make those decisions. The wife needs to get to that point of "enlightenment."

    4. Son Got His First Job

    At the local golf course. He learned about how to apply, payroll taxes, and the benefit of knowing people, because the course owners go to our church. And I had to schlep him to and from work, which was great because we'd talk about life.

    5. Book

    I've had something 'in the works' for many years, and finally got it together in a first draft form. Got a "thumbs up" from an old boss who thought it was great, and now getting some other input from a few other valued folks. Hope to roll it out early in the New Year.

    6. AI

    Started playing with it, and trying to become knowledgeable about it. As always, trying to find tools to make my life easier.

    7. The Shed

    After finally getting the family on board on what one to get, color, size, etc., and a six week wait for building and delivery, the new shed was delivered yesterday. Got most of the stuff from the deck into the roomy shed. Now, we have to set it up, install hardware to hang stuff, and get a ramp made. Forgot that...

    8. Work

    Same old same old. Found a few ways to make my life easier, but little changed. Which isn't necessarily bad, but isn't rewarding. Am preparing a couple side gigs to "grease the skids" to move on, but not for a few years.

    9. Officiating

    A really good season for the crew. Only got a first round playoff game (had a final last year), but that's more because others get turns for finals and not a bad thing.

    One week we got moved from our game to another game out of our usual "territory." There was an issue with a school filing complaints with the state athletic association about an officiating crew who worked their game; they accused the crew of racism. The head coach and one assistant was ejected, and it made the local news.

    Our crew is mixed, so we got put on their next game. Worked the game with no issues, and a few weeks later we're put on their playoff game. Which they lost.

    10. Health

    Ended treatment for DVT early in the year, so got off the blood thinner. But, decided to not return to drinking alcohol. Don't miss it.

    Got to be more regular with exercise, but after football season I feel in good shape.

    My annual had good blood work, except the indicator for arthritis, which I didn't need a blood test to know...

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