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You are not a victim of the world you see.

mumpsimus - a traditional custom or notion adhered to although shown to be unreasonable.
He is a classic example of a mumpsimus, as he firmly believes that the way to heal oneself is by presenting oneself as a victim, despite evidence to the contrary.

    1. Leaving victimhood is not for sissies.

    Abandoning the mindset of being a victim is not for the faint of heart, it takes a strong individual to move past it, not for sissies.
    Having victimless thoughts is for those who have had enough of licking their own wombs and have declared there must be a better way to heal.
    The cries,
    "I'm going to find out the Truth", or
    "I'm going to find out how life really works" or
    "I'm going to find a way to view this situation that doesn't cause me so much pain and suffering" or
    "There must be a better way to live" or
    "Something is missing from this equation and I'm determined to go the distance to find out what it is."

    2. Victim stories are...

    • grossly inaccurate.
    • only one version of a two-sided coin.
    • always rooted in the past.
    • far more damaging than the "perpetrator."
    • always unhappy and sad
    • lingering, often for decades
    • always subjective in nature
    • the antithesis of what God created
    • always about who's right and who's wrong
    • always about who's good and who's bad
    • have no substance other than the energy one brings to it

    3. Victims never claim 100% responsibility for their experience

    If it's in my space I might as well claim 100% responsibility because it's in my space.
    Victims can never perceive True Perception.
    True perception is realizing that there's not a big world out there trying to get you.
    What you really see is an array of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions being projected out into the world.
    What we see in little slice of the world is certainly what we put out there but seem to have forgotten.
    When you look in the mirror, it's always a PERFECT MATCH.

    4. Victim thoughts are not loving thoughts.

    Victim thoughts cover up real thoughts.
    Real thoughts are always loving.
    Victim thoughts create a veil.
    Have you ever encountered a "victim" that reinterprets their experience with the "perpetrator" as a call for love?
    Never, but you will hear....such phrases as...
    • "He's a monster"
    • "I'll never forgive her"
    • "I wish she was dead"
    • "Why me?"
    • "It's not fair"
    • "I didn't deserve this"
    • "I'm a victim"
    • "I was wronged"
    • "I was hurt"
    • "I was betrayed"
    • "I was taken advantage of"
    • "I was treated unjustly"
    • "I was oppressed"

    5. My world, your world, is sitting there as a mirror.

    What does an image in a mirror do to you? Nothing

    It sits there and stares back at you.

    It looks exactly like you look in whatever you are wearing.

    When you move, it moves.

    If you smile, it smiles back at you.

    If you yell at the mirror, it will yell back at you

    If you get closer to the mirror, it comes closer to you

    The world is a mirror of your thought processes - no one escapes this reality

    It's faithful down to the last-minute detail, reflecting back the nature of your innermost thoughts and beliefs.

    Our world is one big diagnostic machine that shows us what's going on with us - this is very useful and helpful information if we use it

    "Thoughts become things, so choose the good ones." - Mike Dooley

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