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You made a devil's bargain. (1 min 49 sec)

    1. Did you ever expect the devil to stop being a devil?

    2. The ego's promise.

    The ego entices us with temporary pleasures, security, and control, promising happiness through external validation, possessions, or achievements.

    3. The true price.

    In exchange, we surrender our inner peace, accepting guilt, fear, and separation as part of the deal. This fuels our illusion that happiness comes from outside ourselves.

    4. Fleeting fulfillment.

    The ego's "gifts" offer a temporary high, like a sugar rush. We might feel good momentarily, but the underlying emptiness and dissatisfaction remain.
    This cycle of seeking and disappointment reinforces the belief that something outside ourselves is missing, perpetuating the bargain.

    5. The devil's true nature.

    The ego isn't a literal devil but rather an illusion, an erroneous thought system masking our true nature as Love.
    The "devilish" aspect lies in its deception which keeps us trapped in the cycle of seeking external fulfillment and believing in separation.

    6. Breaking the bargain.

    Recognizing the nature of the deal and the source of true happiness empowers us to choose differently.
    Through forgiveness, we release the hold of the ego's promises and remember our inherent wholeness and peace.
    The ego cannot change its nature; it will always present its bargains. However, through awareness and conscious choices, we can stop making the deal and reclaim our peace.
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I’m sorry.
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