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Your Bad Idea List Making Habits

These are the bad habits I've noticed myself developing in the process of creating idea lists. I'm creating this list in the hopes that recognizing what they are will help me overcome them and maybe help some of you overcome them as well.

    1. Relying Too Much on the AI Assistant to Fill Up My List

    The purpose of the daily practice of creating idea lists is to improve creativity in coming up with solutions to problems. And the best growth in creativity comes from the struggle of writing one or two more ideas when you feel you've already hit your limit. Relying on AI to round out a list or even to create your list entirely is antithetical to this purpose. Using the AI Assistant can be a useful tool after I've already exhausted myself in coming up with ideas, but it shouldn't be the base of my ideas.

    2. Coming up With the Same Lists and Ideas Over and Over Again

    Chances are if I'm coming up with the same ideas over and over again, it's probably something important that I need to stop just writing about. I need to come up with experiments to test in reality and see if they hold up.

    3. Struggling to Come Up With Lists Because I’m Trying to Please an Audience Instead of Finding Potential Solutions

    Or even something to amuse myself. This has lead to major burnout for me, especially when my lists don't get the engagement I initially expected.

    4. Being Inconsistent With Coming up With Lists on a Daily Basis

    Taking one day off for whatever reason can easily lead to taking six months off.

    5. Coming up With Great Ideas and Not Executing Them

    Coming up with a good idea is only the first step to solving a problem. Execution in this case is either doing it myself or sending the idea to someone who can do it if the problem is something bigger than I can solve alone.

    6. Not Taking the Time to Really Edit and Flesh Out a List to Make Is as Readable and Detailed as Possible

    I often just post lists after an initial draft. This is probably okay for most lists, it takes a lot of time to edit a new idea list every single day. I should however take time to edit a list I'm particularly proud of to ensure that it not only does as well as possible in terms of engagement, but is also as readable as possible to myself when I come back to it weeks or months later.

    7. Judging My Ideas Too Harshly Instead of Just Writing Them Down and Deciding How Good or Bad They Are Later

    The best inventions often come from past failures and a good idea can come from a bad idea that's tweaked a little.

    8. Not Taking the Time to Draft My Ideas on Paper Before Logging on to NotePD

    I'm not sure what it is, but there is something magical about putting pen to paper that's lost when typing the same words on a keyboard or tapping them on a smartphone.

    9. Not Knowing the Difference Between Stretching Myself to Come Up With One More Idea and Forcing Myself to Come Up With Anything Just to Have 10 Ideas

    Maybe I'm mistaken and there isn't really a difference.

    10. Waiting Until Late in the Day to Come Up With Lists

    The schedule to post a list to maintain a streak is less strict than in the past, but I feel it's better to get ideas out of my head and on to paper or a text document as soon as possible.

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