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Your intuition: listen or ignore? - Part 1 (2 min 30 sec read)

Your intuition is your guiding light
It is where you go for answers to your most troubling concerns.
Suffice it to say, the answers are going to be different from the ones you originated.
Your intuition offers you a different perspective.
A perspective that leads you to experience greater peace.

    1. Rapid change and fast-moving times.

    Things are happening quickly and new ideas and technologies are being introduced at a rapid pace. 
    You feel a sense of urgency and pressure to keep up with the latest advancements and the Joneses. 
    You do everything possible to remain relevant and thrive in such an environment.

    2. The pitfalls of manipulation.

    If you've ever tried to manipulate, control, or influence others to achieve your personal agenda, it was probably not a pleasant experience.
    It creates tension and conflict in any relationship. 
    Manipulative behavior leads to emptiness and a lack of fulfillment.
    You won't be able to form genuine connections in an authentic way. 

    3. Finding peace through acceptance.

    Frustration and stress: We don't like it when things don't go according to plan.
    Rigidity: No flexibility. Unwilling to adapt to changing circumstances (COVID-19, ChatGPT) showing a lack of creativity and personal will.
    Disappointment: How many of you reading this feel a sense of failure or inadequacy about someone or something?
    Missed opportunities: Since we don't know what anything is for, why should we prefer one outcome over another? What we call the worse thing is most often the best thing, and it usually doesn't involve us getting our way.
    Strain on relationships: What happens when other people have different priorities or perspectives than you do?Conflict and tension.

    4. The benefits of changing your mind.

    Your Honor, I would present the following argument as to why, in these fast-moving and uncertain times, it would be better for an individual to change their mind about a person, place, or thing rather than trying to manipulate and control.
    Therefore, Your Honor, I urge the court to consider these benefits today. I encourage people around the world to adopt a more open and accepting approach towards other people and learn to see through the eyes of love. I rest my case.

    5. What does changing your mind entail?

    It's the opposite of what you believe.
    Changing your mind has nothing to do with trying to change your behavior.
    Part two coming soon.
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