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Your Life Situation (Whatever It Is) Isn't Real. (2 min 12 sec)

    1. Pay great attention to your Life. -Real-

    Become Aware of Your Consciousness. Shift your focus from the objects of your perception (thoughts, feelings, events) to the underlying awareness itself. Observe your experiences without judgment or attachment and become aware of the "knowing" behind the "known."
    See Through Illusions. Recognize the illusory nature of a "separate self "and the world around you. Observe your perceptions and you'll begin to see beyond the created stories and limitations and recognize the oneness of all existence.
    Be Present in the Moment. Let go of past and future concerns and be here now. Drop all mental chatter and experience life as it unfolds, free from expectations or desires.
    Embrace the Flow of Life. Surrender to the unfolding of life without resistance. Trust inner guidance and allow events to occur without clinging to specific outcomes.
    Live Authentically. Express your authentic self, which is good and pure. Align your actions with love and let go of fear, guilt, and sin.

    2. Pay little or no attention to your life situations. -unreal-

    Romantic relationships. 
    Career changes.
    Personal growth. 
    Physical and mental health challenges.
    Spiritual awakenings and explorations.
    Discrimination and social justice issues.
    Economic challenges and financial crises.
    Political events and activism.
    Environmental concerns and climate change.
    Technological advancements and their impact.
    Global and existential situations.
    War and conflict.
    Pandemics and natural disasters.
    The meaning of life and death.
    Questions about consciousness and reality.
    The future of humanity.
    Dreams and visions.
    Near-death experiences.
    Encounters with the unknown.

    3. Your life situation is transient.

    4. Your life is eternal.

    5. Your life situation is unreal.

    6. Your life is real.

    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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