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Yours Truly (3 min 50 sec)

Yours Truly (3 min 50 sec)

    1. In the rustic and industrial charm of Cleveland, Ohio, with its cobblestone streets and bustling atmosphere, there sat a quaint restaurant.

    Tucked away amidst the city's vibrant energy, it exuded a sense of timelessness and warmth.

    2. On a sunny afternoon, a man, burdened with the weight of his own thoughts, found himself in need of good food.

    He wandered into Yours Truly, unaware that his path was about to intersect with a profound lesson in perception.

    3. As the man settled into a cozy booth, he noticed a plump, short black woman gracefully making her way toward him.

    She emanated a radiant energy, carrying herself with confidence and grace.
    Her eyes sparkled.
    "Good afternoon, sir. Welcome to Yours Truly," she greeted him warmly, her voice melodic and soothing.

    4. The man, momentarily taken aback by her kindness, returned the greeting with a nod.

    He proceeded to order his meal, articulating his preferences with care. 
    To his surprise, before he could even finish speaking, the woman effortlessly completed his sentence, as if she had already known exactly what he wanted.

    5. Surprised, the man's curiosity was piqued.

    He marveled at the woman's ability to anticipate his needs, wondering how she had managed to remember his order so flawlessly. 
    It was a level of attentiveness he had seldom experienced, even in the most prestigious restaurants he had frequented.

    6. Intrigued by the encounter, the man found himself reflecting on the experience.

    As he ruminated, he realized that he couldn't recall a single detail about the woman — not her name, her face, or even their previous interactions. 
    It troubled him, for he prided himself on his attention to detail.

    7. Seeking answers, he approached the woman one day when the restaurant was quiet.

    With a gentle smile, he inquired, "Forgive me if this seems odd, but I can't seem to remember anything about you. 
    And yet, you remember every detail of my order. Why is that?"

    8. The woman's eyes twinkled knowingly as she paused for a moment, contemplating her response.

    "My Mighty Companion," she began, "the eyes of our bodies merely perceive the external appearances, but True Vision lies beyond. 
    In this realm of illusions, we judge and remember based on those external appearances alone."
    She continued, "But what if I told you that the beauty you seek, the beauty you believe is necessary for remembrance, is merely a mirage? 
    What if True Beauty lies not in physical form but in the presence of love, compassion, and understanding?"

    9. The man listened intently, his mind opening up to a new perspective.

    He realized that he had been conditioned to prioritize external beauty, allowing it to cloud his ability to truly see and remember the True Essence of others.

    10. Moved by this revelation, the man thanked the woman for her profound wisdom.

    From that day forward, he made a conscious effort to see beyond the surface and perceive the inherent beauty in everyone.

    11. As time went by, the man became a regular at the restaurant, not just for its good food but also for the nourishment of his soul.

    Each visit provided an opportunity for him to practice his newfound understanding, embracing the interconnectedness of all beings and seeing the beauty that resided within each person, despite their physical appearance.
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