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Zen Games

Ever notice that as soon as you embark on changing yourself all kinds of opposing forces are unleashed? That’s the universe having a good laugh at you! The more mellowness I attempt, the more ambitious I become - a paradox to be exploited for my own benefit

    1. Practical tip: Make it a daily game with yourself

    Really, the competition for betterment in anything in your life is a DIRECT result of your own decisions - no one else’s - since you have the ability to either accept or reject all circumstances - and you alone have to live with the consequences of your decisions, whether you believe that or not

    2. So, ask yourself, WHY are so many other people so caught up in groupthink that they believe everyone must think alike?

    Are you going to allow other people to make ALL of your decisions FOR you - do you actually believe that will bring you happiness?

    3. Try being a radical individualist for just ONE day

    Write down everything you think about - where did you form your opinion of what you think about? Why are you thinking about it? Is it really a waste of your time? Who influenced you? What are their ambitions in attempting to influence you, instead of just leaving you alone to make your own decisions? What’s in it for you? More importantly, what’s in it for them?

    4. The world is being run by government press releases & corporate press releases

    Go on a media diet - don’t give your attention (your life) to any media (except NotePD!) for an extended period of time - your stress level will deflate

    5. Do one thing every day that is FUN

    15 minutes is all I ask of you

    6. Find one thing in your field of vision to clean up

    If it’s clutter, garbage, a mess, just put it in its place, throw it out if it can’t be recycled, give it to someone who can use it, donate it to someone who really needs it, etc.

    7. Dispel fear with gratitude

    You cannot harbor both - fear affects your immune system - gratitude does too - ask yourself what you are afraid of & why - focus on one thing you are most grateful for in your present circumstances that will help you spark happiness in your life

    8. Be brave

    Have faith in yourself - you know what’s right for you - so do something brave every day that your future self will be grateful for

    9. Be kind

    It costs nothing but could really make a huge difference in someone else’s life & it will feel good

    10. Groupthink is ultimately unsatisfying & does not contribute to your Zen Game

    Just make every day a bit better than yesterday - group thinking will not improve YOUR life - YOUR DIRECT DECISIONS about how you are going to live your life is all that matters - YOU have to live with the consequences of your decisions & non-decisions - so play your best

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