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Zombies Kill Your Neighbors: Recipes For The Apocalypse

From my "article idea list" the other day. I was driving home and probably listening to a podcast when the idea struck me. I thought, "I wonder if the market for coffee table books is still a thing"

Enter the Coffee Table Book For The Apocalypse

Zombies Kill Your Neighbors: Recipes For The Apocalypse

    1. Research

    1. Find out what it might cost to have it made

    2. Find out if there is a market for it

    3. Find an artist to design it

    4. Come up with more ideas and create wheels and spokes.

    2. Recipes

    The world is burning to the ground. You are the only living people left on your block and you didn't go to Costco last week. So these recipes will need to be items you could find while scouting your neighbors' houses. Oh, and you gotta save Fido --- he always used to come and say hi when you grilled.

    3. Design

    When I was a kid my parents and grandparents had tons of these old books and magazines from the 60s. A lot of catalogs and mail order stuff. Imagine the color palette of what a 60s fishing catalog looked like.

    Since it's the end of the world (in a quasi-1950s Bomb Shelter meets hipster kind of way) and it should also have a section in the back with survival tactics

    • How to start a fire
    • How to amputate an arm after a zombie bite
    • How to make a snare
    • Maps of where to go - gov. Reserves locations
    • Etc.

    4. Stories

    It can't simply be a book of recipes! I need to map out the story with each recipe (this sounds fun)

    "You just stabbed your Rev. Bob in the eyeball with a butter knife! You find three cans of baked beans..."

    "The Superbowl party at Dales was epic! He always had a stocked fridge with beer, tonight you'll be having some fine dining."

    Beer Battered Fish

    1 You'll take the fish you caught from the ponds. . .

    5. Ideas on where it might be sold (its unfair advantage)

    Since this isn't your typical Amazon or bookstore-type book you could market it to stores like Bass Pro Shops, Camping World, etc.

    6. Advertising

    Specifically, though I can't remember the name, there were these science comics for kids/preteens. In the back, they had these fantastic-looking ads for X-Ray glasses and Invisibility powder. In the Apocalypse cookbook, it will be ads for real evergreen survival gear/camping/freeze-dried foods, etc.

    • make a list of companies and call
    • make a deal, "if we sell X amount of books by X date they pay, if not, no pay"

    7. The Book Itself Could Save Your Life

    I thought it would be cool if the book had it so the pages in the back would have a space blanket, fishing hooks, a saw, compass, plastic magnifying glass, etc.

    My favorite "coming of age" gift was an old military field knife. It had a brass cap on the end of the handle with a compass. Inside the handle had survival items in it.

    8. Games

    Make it so some of the back pages of the book could be unfolded, it would be a material like waterproof maps so you could play the games and erase. Let's face it, it's the end of the world and you are eventually gonna be stuck on the road somewhere. Might as well take the Apocalypse Cookbook

    9. If it sells. . .

    I could make it a series. Come up with offshoots from the recipe storyline and create new universes.

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